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WO2 (YofS) Thomas Wilkinson

Royal Corps of Signals Memorial Book

8 Sep 1944 - 5 Mar 2014

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Added by: Shaun WILKINSON

Date added: 6 Apr 2014

Born in 1944, my father broke the family mold joining the army as a boy sholdier at Harrogate, rather than "goin down t pit".

He served with the Royal Signals for over 23yrs and retired from the Army as a WOII (YofS)at 206 Sig Sqn, 3 ADSR, Soest (Task Force Foxtrot).

During his career he served all over the world, including, Cyprus, Hong Kong and Germany to name a few.

He was a gifted footballer and played for the Army several times.

He then became the fisheries manager for Wentworth Estate where he worked until he retired.

I was fortunate enough to be with my dad when he passed quietly in his sleep on 5 March 2014 at Rotherham District Hospital in a private room. He had suffered with several chest infections for a number of years and unfortunately his respiratory system eventually stopped responding to treatment.

Since that day there has been an empty void inside me. I knew I wanted to say something about my dad, but didn’t know where to start.

I thought about listing words that could be used to describe him like, loving, funny, committed and eventually decided that my vocabulary and the dictionary just aren’t big enough.

So where to start then, do I describe his life, what he taught me, how he impacted positively on almost every life he touched. Then I remembered…. You all knew him too.

You will have your memories of my dad that will stay with you forever and that’s what I would ask you to do.

My dad wasn’t one for making a fuss and wouldn’t want me to go on about the life lessons he gave me like “IT TAKE’S A STRONGER MAN TO WALK AWAY FROM A FIGHT”. He told me this after I had a fight with my best friend because I dropped him for a girl – growing up eh! I haven’t had a fight since.

He would want you to remember the good times, his bad jokes, his positive attitude “THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS CAN’T”.

He lived his life on his terms. Everything he did he did to the best of his ability, no half measures, a bit like his garden or playing pool at his local pub 6mile away where he earnt the affectionate name of “TECHNICAL TOM” because of the length of time it took him to consider every possibility and angle before promptly taking each shot. He took every game like it was the masters final at the crucible.

I can only ask that you not to mourn for my dad but celebrate his life. He’s been taken too soon, but had a massive positive impact whilst he was here.

My brother and I are the people we are because of the way we were brought up by mum and dad. If I do half as good a job on my lads I’ll consider my life a success.

Gonna miss you dad, love you.
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