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How To Use This Book

If a page has already been created for your loved one you can look for their name using the Search box above or in the alphabetical listing of names.

Click on their name to find out more about their life, and read the memories that others have shared.  You can also add your own thoughts and memories to their page.

How to add your thoughts and memories to an existing page

To add your thoughts and memories to a person's page that is already in the book:

a. Simply use the 'Add a memory' link below their name on their page.

b. You will be prompted to Register or Log in with your name and email address.

c. Once your memory has been created, you can make changes at any time.

d. Share your memory with your family and friends so they can add theirs too.

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How To Add A Person

How to add a new person and create a Remembrance Page

You are invited to add a person and a page in their memory for inclusion in this book.

1. Use this Add a person button or the one above the book.

2. You will be prompted to register your name and email address.

3. Then add your loved one's name, your memories and a photo if you would like.

5. We will review your page and inform you when it is published in the book.

Thank you for your supporting Barnardo's.

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