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A tribute to Pte Sidney Albert Ingram by shirley ingram

Date added: 10 Jan 2014


shirley ingram

The British Cyprus Memorial Trust
Dear Family and Friends, As a way of remembering $personFirstName$ together, we have created a remembrance page within the $bookTitle$. Here are shared memories, stories, thoughts, messages, photographs and videos. If you would like to visit the page and add your own message or tribute simply go to: $findPersonLink$. Thank you,

I can remember my uncle Sid very clearly, although I was only four when he was tragically killed. I don't recall the event, but remember going to visit him at Whittington barracks.
My mother has told me that he always wanted to join the army (his father had been in the Sherwood Forrest regiment) and at his first application he was too small so had to wait until he had grown. We have some lovely photos of him, he always looked so smart and happy. There is a lovely one of him with his motor bike, a bit of passion which seems to have transcended down the family. Maybe that would be a fitting tribute
I can also remember helping pack tins with my mother (Emily his sister) to send to him when he was stationed abroad. We used to listen to 'two way family favourites' on the radio and for some reason I thought the song 'come to the station, jump from the train' was about him.
He was very much loved, and I can still recall the scene in our sitting room in Wedges Mills when the news had been delivered. Everyone in complete shock, and despair. Its a scene in my head frozen in time.
Sadly soon I may be the last living link, his sisters now being elderly. And probably many of his friends passed. He was engaged at the time of his death, but I do not know what became of his girl friend. So it is good that he is remembered here. I have younger brothers who never knew him and nephews too who follow his story.
As I live close to the National Memorial Arboretum, I have been many times to pay my respects and seen not only his name inscribed on the wall, but the bench also with his and others names from the regiment lost in the conflict.
Several years ago my mother, brother, sister in law and myself with the help of some amazing army personnel, visited his grave in Nicosia. It was a moving visit, particularly as none of the family had visited before. It was gratifying to see how beautifully it is kept and cared for. I hope that it was able to give my mother his sister some closure He may have passed many years ago, but he lives on in thoughts and memories.

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