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A tribute to Jade Kimberley Gulliver by Crystal Gulliver

Date added: 17 Dec 2014


Crystal Gulliver

British Liver Trust Book of Memories
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In memory of my Sister who died of Autoimmune Hepatitis aged 27. 

I've so far raised over a £1000 for The British Liver Trust and feel so strongly of the importance for raising awareness for this heart breaking illness.

My beautiful sister and soul mate.

I couldn't possibly put in to words how I feel but all I know is being heartbroken is the worst feeling in the world. I miss you more than I ever imagined possible and I cry for you everyday. 

I can't and never will be able to understand why you were taken from us. The kindest soul with the biggest heart. You left us two beautiful babies that call for their mummy. I tell them you are watching them, so they need to be good! 

Imagining my life ahead without you is completely impossible. Everything I want to do in life, I want you too do it with me. I'll do whatever I can to make you proud and my love for you is greater than you could ever imagine.

They say time is a healer but nothing, not even time could even begin to heal my broken heart. My greatest thing was taken from me but you took a part of me with you. If only I still had your hand to hold.

I love you Jadey, so so much xxxxxxxxx

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