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Mr David Bruce Cassidy In Memory and Honour

British Liver Trust Book of Memories

of West Orange, New Jersey, New York

12 Apr 1950 - 21 Nov 2017

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Thoughts Shared by: Camellia Hoare

Date added: 3 Apr 2019

The yellow rose is a symbol of joy and friendship and that’s why it was chosen as a tribute to David to thank him for the joy, love and light that his music brought to all those that heard his music and that unforgettable voice.
A token of friendship and compassion.
Now we send the Yellow Rose to him as a token of affection and thanks for the Music, the joy his life brought to a generation. #TheCassidyRose ©®Three other tributes were purchased by the CassidyRose two celestial stars named CassidyStars©®with certificates and sponsored a horse called Star from the horses trust in Davids name and  memory and adopted a horse named Justice from Bransby Horses in memory of David Cassidy with certificates 

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