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We would like to invite you to take part in our very first Summer Memorial Butterfly Release. As we release hundreds of beautiful, specially reared Painted Lady butterflies at our 30th anniversary event, we will be remembering those people who have touched our lives.

Each butterfly has been hand raised by Gribbly Bugs, an eco-friendly conservation and wildlife team. They deliver the butterflies to us, each in their own special roosting box where they are asleep until the box is opened. At this point they awaken and take to the skies in a stunning display. This event will take place on Saturday 17th July at Bury Hospice and you can be involved by purchasing a butterfly in memory of someone special. When you register your butterfly you will receive final event details.

To ensure that as many people as possible can join in this spectacle of nature, love and celebration of life, we are filming the occasion and streaming it on our social media channels. You can take part in person or, if you prefer, take part online and we will release a butterfly on your behalf.

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As well as having a dedicated butterfly, your loved one will be included in this Online Book of Memories which is available for viewing throughout the year.

Butterflies for release

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