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Who We Are

Cruelty Free International is the global voice for animals in laboratories. Our vision is to create a world where nobody wants or believes we need to experiment on animals.

We use our unique blend of compassion, expertise and determination to create lasting change in how the world sees and treats animals. Our dedicated team are experts in their fields, combining award-winning campaigning, lobbying, pioneering investigations, scientific and legal expertise and corporate responsibility. Educating, challenging and inspiring others across the globe to respect and protect animals, we expose the reality of life for animals in laboratories, persuade decision-makers to make a positive difference, influence laws and regulations and champion humane human-relevant science and cruelty free living.

With our unique Leaping Bunny certification programme, we are changing the face of beauty around the world.

Cruelty Free International is a limited company (Company No. 04115167). Our sister organisation, Cruelty Free International Trust, is a registered charity (Charity No. 108118) exploring new research techniques and alternatives to animal experiments; ensuring laws controlling animal experiments are properly complied with and making sure people are informed about the reality of animal experiments.

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Gifts in wills and In Memory donations are vital for the continued success of both Cruelty Free International and Cruelty Free International Trust – they make up around half of all our income and enable us to do everything we can to end the suffering and change the world for animals in laboratories. We receive no government or lottery funding.

Thank you so much for supporting our work. You make an incredible difference to what we are able to achieve. We could not do this without you.


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