A Century of Care

The devastation of the First World War highlighted the fact that there were insufficient hospital facilities to care for those who were wounded in battle. Thanks to the generosity of the people of Scotland, the first Erskine Hospital, then The Princess Louise Scottish Hospital for Limbless Sailors and Soldiers, was opened in October 1916.

With a desperate shortage of artificial limbs for amputees returning from the war, Sir William Macewen, Professor of surgery at Glasgow University, recruited skilled workers from the nearby Clydeside shipyards and the Erskine limb was soon devised.

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The Great War, the War to end all Wars, resulted in what is known as the ‘lost generation’ as nearly one million British men lost their lives. Sadly just over 20 years later, another generation went to war and since then there has only been one year when British forces have not been engaged in conflict or peace keeping missions around the world.

100 years after its inception and Erskine is now known as Scotland’s foremost provider of care for veterans and their spouses. Erskine’s strength lies in the very special blend of dedicated care, compassion and understanding they offer to residents and their families. Over the last 100 years Erskine has cared for over 85,000 veterans in care homes and provided specially adapted cottages for veterans and their families.

When Erskine was founded in 1916 our aim was to care for Service men and women who had been injured in active service. Today, care remains the cornerstone of our philosophy – but we do much more as well. The need for Erskine care will continue for many years to come.


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