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For the WW2-era listings of ‘AFS’ and ‘NFS’, research continues to establish at what Station, or with which Brigade or Fire Force the person served, Where it is not known exactly, the symbol ‘?’ is displayed to indicate that it is known that they were a member of either the AFS or NFS but not necessarily, where they were serving at the time of death.

Ranks and terms throughout are as were applicable at the time of death. The spelling ‘Serjeant’ is correct for the Army rank of the era.

The Trust also wishes to record and pay tribute to two members of the Military who were killed as a result of their duties during at he first ever national strike by UK Firefighters:

Ranger Hugh Thompson and Ranger Charles McLaughlin, serving with The Royal Irish Rangers, who both died as a result of their injuries when their Emergency Pump, ‘Green Goddess’, was involved in a road traffic collision in Newton Heath, Manchester on 6 December 1977.

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