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Names on the Firefighters Memorial

It should be noted that the information regarding the majority of names in our database originated some years ago utilising the research material available at the time.

The Trust took all the information available, in the best belief of its accuracy. Subsequently, and with the wider range of research routes now available, some errors have been identified. The Trust is happy to consider any amendments that may be relevant and will be pleased to receive and consider any further information, which may become available. Whilst amendments can be made to our electronic and paper listings, it is not possible to alter the cast bronze plates fitted to the Firefighters Memorial itself.

If you feel there is a name missing, or wish to comment on any name shown, please contact the Trust, giving as much detail as you can via email at:

For historical accuracy, the records indicate the various organisational and rank terms or titles used at the time of death. It should be noted that rank titles included ‘Captain’ and ‘Superintendent’ to indicate the Chief Officer and also that the term ‘Foreman’ was also used to describe a person in charge with differing indication of rank level. It is not a misspelling of ‘Fireman’ and was a term originally and, widely used by Insurance Fire Brigades. Some Brigades used the titles Lieutenant, ‘Corporal’ and ‘Sergeant’, (which could also be correctly spelt ‘Serjeant” especially during specific periods in the British Army).

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The Trust works to a Criteria for adding names to the Memorial and placing in this Book of Remembrance. Click here for further detail.

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