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Names Under Research

The names listed here are all currently the subject of ongoing research to establish if they qualify for inclusion on the memorial and in the Book of Remembrance listings. The Trust will always be pleased to receive any information that will help this process.

As with all research there can be many stumbling blocks, not least the term ‘Fireman’ which can be associated with a ‘Fireman’ on the railways’ in the days of steam engines, a ‘Fireman’ on board ship working in the engine room to keep the boilers fed, a ‘Fireman’ in the many coal collieries that once existed or’ a ‘Fireman’ responsible for the boilers used to provide motive power at large industrial process plants.

Members of the early Military Fire Brigades had military ranks and were part of military units within Regiments such as the Pioneer Corps. Some ‘Firemen’ had Police ranks as members of Police Fire Brigades.

Dates of death can be sometimes problematic, due to the recording process at the time. During World War 2, the date could very often be a calendar day different, due to extended periods of air raids and the change of date at midnight. The actual location of death and the cause can also sometimes be vague, depending on the record keeping accuracy recorded at the time.

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There are no centrally held records for the Auxiliary Fire Service and the National Fire Service.

Spelling of names on earlier records can also cause confusion and be misleading as can the difference between a given first name and the preferred or adopted name.

All such factors can frustrate and prolong research.

Our aim is to continue to ensure that those who have lost their lives and, who meet the Criteria, as defined by the Trust, are always Remembered and Honoured.

The Trust will always be pleased to receive any information that will help this process.

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