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Welcome from the Fishermen’s Mission

Proud of our past, prepared for our future.

Michael Vlasto

"Looking to the future after 140 years of service to our fishing communities, the Mission’s trustees have a clear vision which can be summarised as
‘A modern Mission with a proud tradition’. We learn from the past to deliver more effectively into the future.”
Michael Vlasto, Fishermen’s Mission Chairman, Board of Trustees.
“From the Bethel ships and large shore centres during the heyday of fishing in the UK, to today’s dynamic and proactive staff and volunteers that aim to meet the changing needs of our hard-pressed fishing communities, the Fishermen’s Mission has always sought to stay ahead of developments in fishing. A constant throughout these endeavours has been our Christian commitment to helping those in need.”
David Dickens
David Dickens, Fishermen’s Mission Chief Executive.
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