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Laureate 2009

2009 -Best Medical Technology: Cellsearch® - Veridex (J&J)

The CellSearch® System is covered by 30+ issued patents, and was selected by the Cleveland Clinic as the top medical innovation of 2009. It is innovative not only for how it works, but for what it has created. There is now a rapidly growing field of rare cell analysis that was out of the reach of the clinic, and most scientists, just 5 years ago.

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Laureate 2009

2009 - Best Pharmaceutical Agent: Gleevec® - Novartis

Gleevec marked the culmination of decades of research in unravelling the molecular pathogenesis of cancers.Rewriting the textbooks on CML and GIST, Gleevec validated an emerging paradigm in oncology, in which cancers are defined by genetic abnormalities and therapies are developed that target events critical to the development of disease. Initially approved for a blood cancer that strikes a few thousand people each year, Gleevec has proved effective against several other rare life threatening illnesses and is showing promise in more common ailments that share genetic underpinnings.

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