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The Pro Bono Humanum Award Winner 2016

Paula Apsell

Paula S. Apsell Executive Producer, PBS NOVA series & Director, Science Unit, WGBH - For turning great science into a human story, showing that scientific literacy is society's first line of defense against the destructive forces of fear and ignorance that challenge further progress in human health.

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The Pro Bono Humanum Award Winner 2017


In recognition of his role as the nation’s 39th President in expanding access to childhood immunizations and, for the first time, adding social progress and human rights as a foundational principle of US foreign policy. The Prix Galien USA Committee also commends his unmatched record in public health provision after leaving office, launching the Carter Center in 1982 and subsequently positioning it as a leading global donor on programs to control and eradicate six major communicable diseases prevalent in developing countries.

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