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From the patient to the researcher, the developmental stages of a product cover much ground. There are naturally strong ties that link the research team to the therapeutic effect for the benefit of the patient. This book creates a unique opportunity to unite two parts of the same circle, thus closing the chain in one of the most profound expressions of human solidarity.

You have been a member of a team of researchers that enabled your company to receive one or several Prix Galien awards. One part of the prestige that is linked to this prize comes directly from your personal work. It is entirely appropriate that you make your participation be known in order to benefit from your personal contribution.

All those who have worked towards obtaining a Prix Galien form a large family, a team of talented researchers and innovators. We wish to regroup this, now very large and, very precious community into a type of "family/Tribe directory". The goal of this directory/Platform is to optimize and stimulate communication in order to both know more about the individuals behind the teams and to encourage exchanges among peers.

We believe that the scientific elite from throughout the world, which indeed you are, deserve a dedicated space that we have created and wish to propose to you. The only necessary criterion is to have participated on a winning research team that has been awarded with a Prix Galien. Please join us in this realm dedicated to excellence and like-mindedness, while letting your membership to this elite group be known!

Bruno Cohen, Chairman

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The Prix Galien Medal

The Prix Galien medal was designed by Albert de Jaeger (1908 – 1992), laureate of the Premier Grand Prix de Rome architectural prize. De Jaeger designed medals for prominent figures such as Pope Pius XII (at the Villa Medicis, 1937) and Pope Jean-Paul I, Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy, distinguished military leaders including Marshals Leclerc, Koenig, Montgomery, Marshall and Joukov; the Weizmann Institute, as well as numerous artists, literary figures and prominent personalities such as Sacha Guitry, Marcel Proust, Henri de Montherlant, Paul Harris, a number of Nobel Prize laureates, the Empress of Iran SA Farah Diba, Princess Grace of Monaco, and others…

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