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Laureate 2011

2011 - Best Biotechnology Product: Stelara® - Janssen

STELARA was the first therapeutic monoclonal antibody approved for human use developed with transgenic mice engineered to express human antibodies (Canada 2008). The low immune response to STELARA resulted in well tolerated administrations, and less rapid drug clearance allowed therapeutic drug levels to be maintained with infrequent dosing. These features confirmed the potential advantages of this methodology and established this technology as important option for development of therapeutic antibodies.

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Laureate 2011

2011 - Best Biotechnology Product: Prolia and XGEVA® - Amgen

A critical physiologic pathway that regulates bone metabolism led to a new approach for the treatment of bone loss and destruction. As a first-in-class RANKL inhibitor, denosumab constitutes a bench-to-bedside therapeutic concept for a variety of bone diseases.Extensive and thorough clinical development programs supported approval of denosumab for the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis and the prevention of skeletal-related events across a variety of advanced cancers metastatic to bone.

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