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Laureate 2013

2013 - Best Pharmaceutical Agents: Zelboraf® - Genentech

Zelboraf is an innovative therapy that offers a targeted treatment option with profound clinical benefit for a patient population with a long-standing high unmet medical need.

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Laureate 2013

2013 - Best Biotechnology Product: Zostavax® - Merck

Development of Zostavax® represented a totally new paradigm for vaccination; the goal was to prevent clinical disease caused by reactivation of latent infection, rather than to prevent primary infection. At the time of the development work, there was considerable uncertainty regarding whether such a goal was feasible in light of the immunosenescence that arises in older adults, since shingles is believed to be caused by waning immunity and the inability of the immune system to respond suitably to control varicella-zoster virus (VZV) reactivation.

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