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Medal for Volunteers in the King's German Legion 1803 - 1814

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Date added: 31 Mar 2017

Medal for Volunteers in the King’s German Legion 1803-14

Instituted 11 May 1841 by King Ernest Augustus I of Hanover (the eldest surviving son of George III). Awarded to all members of the KGL (Hanoverian and non-Hanoverian) who served with, and were engaged in action, between 1803 and first Peace of Paris in 1814, and still living in 1841.
The medal has a diameter of 35mm, excluding the ring, and is made of cannon bronze (Geschützbronze).
The ribbon was white with orange-yellow side stripes.

King’s German Legion

From 1803 until 1814 over 17,000 officers and men entered the Legion. The majority were Hanoverians,
42% of whom had served in the Electoral Army, while 33% were civilian volunteers.
Other German States contributed 17.5%
and the remaining 7.5% were non-German.

At full strength, they were to comprise :
Corps of Engineers,
two troops of Horse Artillery,
four companies of Foot Artillery,
two regiments of Dragoons,
three regiments of Hussars,
two battalions of Light Infantry and eight battalions of Line Infantry.

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