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This concise alphabetical list (by surname) contains a comprehensive record of all the soldiers of the antecedent regiments of the Royal Green Jackets who fought in the Waterloo Campaign and were accordingly awarded the Waterloo Medal.Against each name there is a basic indicating that information of his Battalion, Regiment and Company are stated in the pop-up panel along with his name.

For those that the museum has their medal there is an additional ‘disc’ icon next to the basic .
Where there is an additional ‘camera’ displayed, this indicates that the entry also includes images.

It also includes those of whom the museum has the original

Military General Service Medal 1793-1814

Naval General Service Medal 1793-1840

Army Gold Medal 1808–1814

It also includes those of our antecedent regiments for whom we do not have their medals, but who were, nevertheless, notable in our history.

It contains, the rank, the First name, Surname, the Regiment that each soldier served in. These are all searchable, so you can find who fought alongside each other.

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How to Use and Search the list:

Enter the Surname of the soldier that you are searching for in the Search box and press enter.

A list of names will open, else the 'Enter / Cr' keyboard to display all.The name(s) will appear on a separate page.

If you hover your mouse over the name, their regiment and other details will appear. Alternatively typing the Regiment then 'Enter / Cr' will display all of those soldiers on multiple pages of results.

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