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The sad passing of Harry Gregg brings a variety of thoughts to many. To his family and friends the sorrow in loss of a pivotal part of their life. To the world of football and wider sporting family, the loss of an inspiration, a legend and hero.

We at the Harry Gregg Foundation say goodbye to our figurehead and mentor but never to the inspiration which he shared, promoted and encouraged.

An inspiration that facilitates opportunities for young people, possibly even to live their dream as he was lucky to have done.

An understanding that the sport which he loved, has the capability to gift so much to so many, regardless of individual ability. It is our desire that we shall continue to provide Harry Gregg with the legacy which he truly deserves and in his words Inspire Those Who Have Dreams.

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Harry was an extraordinarily ordinary man. Extraordinary in that despite all that he had experienced and achieved over his life time, he was grounded firmly in principles, morality, justice and respect, sometimes to his own detriment.

He always remained amazed in the fortunes of life experience that a young Henry Gregg of 34 Windsor Avenue was to be bestowed with.

Harry scorned fame and notoriety and was always uneasy in the company of pretentious ‘Big Time Charlie’s’ and self indulgence.

When in the company of the great and the good Harry would always align to the character and morality of a person, as opposed to any aura of achievements or riches. Title, position, fame and fortune didn’t always render you not to be an arsehole (to borrow a phrase).

Modest people who achieved through passion, desire, commitment, determination and a little bit of luck fascinated him more.

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