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So many of us at ITV News worked with Harry Smith over the years, in Westminster, Scotland all over the UK and the world and for all of us he was both an excellent journalist and reporter but also a good friend and wonderful company, in the office and on the road.

I personally worked very closely with him for a long time and there was no one better to turn around a complicated story, often a court case or similar, in a record time against a tight deadline. He was a master packager in the best tradition of ITV News as well as always digging out the latest lines and driving the story. I will also treasure many a good evening on location somewhere after working flat out all day, enjoying a few drinks – he was pretty indefatigable.

It was always a total pleasure working with him and I think we got those breaking stories down to such a fine art we didn’t even need to speak, as he produced brilliant pieces often out of thin air – I always knew he would deliver a great report and exactly what he needed from me.

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But he would also create lovely, thoughtful scripts on the more considered pieces, never accepting a line or element of a story unless he was sure they were right, working to get to the bottom of everything. And also even more importantly, he was a kind, generous-spirited, considerate, modest, fun colleague who loved the on the road life, never made himself bigger than the story, and for whom work was more than just a job.

I have many a fond memory of evenings spent making the best of inauspicious locations around the UK as we unpicked the day and planned the next one. Any story you were sent on was made so much better for having Harry with you.
I feel very lucky to have worked with him over the years and my thoughts are with the people closest to him, including Joy and Adam (who I also had the great pleasure to work with) and the rest of the family. We will miss him and send you all our love at this time.

Rachel Corp  (Acting Editor ITV News )

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