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This Christmas

As we approach Christmas, we know we will still have restrictions in place to keep everyone safe. This year there is no doubt that our staff will go well-above and well-beyond to ensure patients and their families receive the care and support they need at such a difficult time. It is this attention to detail that makes Highland Hospice so special and we can only achieve this because of your support.

With the immediate cancellation of all events and the closure of our retail activities in March, we faced a huge potential deficit of approximately £750,000 in our fundraising. Innovative online events and fundraising campaigns, and government support grants have offset lost revenue from the past few months, but we cannot guarantee these will continue. So many Hospice or supporter-led events that would have been offered simply can’t go ahead and it is difficult to know if it will be six months, a year or even two, before this kind of fundraising becomes normal again.

We face an ongoing reduction in fundraising income and are asking for your support this Christmas.

You can dedicate a light to someone special to you, or simply in support of the staff, volunteers and patients at Highland Hospice. You will find options on the next page or by clicking the 'Sponsor a Light' button.

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