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A tribute to Sylvia Newman by Adam Newman

Date added: 2 Jun 2019


Adam Newman

Jewish Care - Book of Memories
Dear Family and Friends As a way of celebrating, sharing and remembering $personFirstName$ together, I have created a celebration page within the $bookTitle$. Here we can all share our memories – through stories, thoughts, messages, photographs and videos. If you would like to visit the page and add your own message or tribute simply go to: $findPersonLink$. Thank you,

Sylvia was a fantastic grandmother to Kara, Gemma, Jonathan and me. She spent a lot of time with us throughout our childhoods & was a very important part of our lives.

We enjoyed Grandma & Grandpa babysitting for us and joining us for Friday night dinners. During the week Grandma would ring mum and compliment her on her cooking. Mum recalls how warm and welcoming Grandma & Grandpa were to her when she first met them.

Jonathan and I used to enjoy playing table tennis with Grandma and she could still beat us when she was in her mid 80's! She had so much energy that even after a long Seder she would suggest a game.

Grandma always rejoiced in any good news that we had and I was excited to call and tell her whenever I did well in an exam. Although it could be difficult to get through to her as she was often on the phone for hours talking to her friends and relatives. In particular, she and Kara used to have regular phone conversations about what they had recently been up to.

Anyone who has ever spoken to Grandma would agree that she was NEVER lost for words. Her many stories were particularly appreciated by my wife, Tilly. They would sometimes speak for hours and she would later tell me that she thought Grandma's life experiences were so interesting and that she loved Grandma.

Grandma's face would light up whenever she saw or heard her great-grandchildren. Recently she was thrilled to see Gemma who came over from Florida with two of her children. I particularly treasure a video that I have of Grandma and my daughter Isabelle dancing together to an old song that Grandma was singing and teaching her. Gemma, Jonathan and I are all extremely grateful for the time that our children were able to spend with Grandma while she was still with us.

Me & Grandma made each other laugh and even when she was nearing the end of her life and could hardly speak, I still managed to make her laugh a few times.

The most important people to Grandma were Grandpa and Dad. Grandma was extremely proud of Dad and always wanted to make sure that we appreciated what an amazing father he is. Grandma adored him and loved Dad more than anyone.

Grandma was strong minded, sharp and on the ball. She was kind, generous and sincere - a truly unique and special person. Grandma is now reunited with Grandpa and her parents and siblings who she loved dearly.

We love you Grandma and you will always be with us in our hearts.

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