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Almammy 1

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Story by: Almammy 1

Date added: 13 Feb 2016

Laughter Africa first met Almammy at the end of September 2015. He was found living on the streets in Step. He is 12 years old and from Tombo. He had been living on the streets for over two years. The reason he gave for living on the streets was that he was sent by his uncle to drop off a laptop/dvd player and on the way, he was robbed. He was worried about going home because he was scared of being beaten and maltreated. Almammy loves to dance and when he stayed at the Interim Care Centre, he was always busting some moves. He was reunited with his family in mid October 2015. We visited Almammy at the end of November 2015 and also at the beginning of February 2016. He is now attending school and is still happily living at home.

Sadly Almammy was seen on the streets at the beginning of August 2016. We managed to find Almammy again at the beginning of October 2016. We took him home back to his family and we paid for his school fees. Thankfully by the end of November, he was still at home and was attending school daily as our social worker Abubakarr visited him at home to invite him to our Christmas party at the beginning of December.

Almammy 1 was visited by a social worker in April 2017 to invite him to the party to celebrate the international day of the street child. Almammy came to the party in mid April 2017. We phoned Almammy's family at the end of June 2017 and we are glad to say that he is still at home and attending school. 

Since June 2017 until the end of February 2018, Almammy has stayed home without returning to the streets. We paid school fees for him in September 2017 and he is doing very well at school. We saw him at Christmas 2017 for the Christmas party. 

Almammy 1 has stayed at home throughout 2018. However, he did not attend school from January to July 2018 as he stated he was ill. He instead told us that he wanted to go directly to JSS2 instead of repeating class 5. However, it is impossible to move up from primary school to Junior Secondary school without sitting your NPSE first. In the end it was clear that he did not want to return to school so we enrolled him into vocational school in October 2018 where he could learn to be a tailor. Despite paying for his transportation, he still did not attend regularly. As of the beginning of February 2019, he had stopped attending all together. He is just not interested in either vocational school or education. However, he is still living at home.  

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