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Prince A

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Story by: Laughter Africa

Date added: 4 Apr 2017

Prince is 13 years old. He was referred to us by the police in Adonkia at the end of March 2017.He went onto the streets in January 2017. His father used to beat him so he stole a phone, dvd player and money so that he could afford to run away. We attempted to reunify him with his family in May 2017 but sadly he ran away before we could and he returned to the streets. He was a well-known thief in his community. He had been involved in armed robberies and even stole a motorbike once.

This is what he wanted to say:

My name is Prince. I am 13 years old. I went onto the streets in January 2017. My father used to beat me so I stole a phone,dvd and money to run away. I don’t like the strrets-they want to flog me. I smoked jamba. I like Messi. I want to be a social worker.

Since May to February 2018, Prince has been on the streets. He came to visit the ICC in October 2017 where he stayed for one day but he ran away again back to the streets. 

Since that time in October 2017, we have had no contact with Prince. However, we know that he was still on the streets throughout 2018 as some of the staff and volunteers would spot him out and about on the streets. The problem with Prince is that he doesn't attend mobile so we don't come into contact with him. Instead, he chooses to hang around with the gangsters and thieves of the streets. However, he does know where we are if he ever needs us or is sick and he knows that he is always welcome! As of February 2019, he is still on the streets. 

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