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Abdul Aziz

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Story by: Laughter Africa

Date added: 30 Nov 2016

Abdul Aziz first came to Laughter Africa at the beginning of October 2016. He had lived on the streets for years. He lived on the streets because his mother died and then a few years later his father died.

He has a severely bad temper and during his stay he got into many fights with the other children. We reunified him with his sister at the end of October and we paid his school fees for him. We visited him at home in November and December and he also visited us in December. As of the middle of January 2017, he was still at home and attending school.

Sadly by April 2017, Abdul Aziz was back on the streets and his behaviour is worst than ever. He is still violent and tempermental. He comes to mobile regularly and we have got him a lot of medical treatment since he went back on to the streets as he is always unwell. He is still on the streets as of the end of June 2017.  At the end of June 2017, he got into a fight with Edward also known as Bible. Bible threw hot burning coals over Abdul Aziz. Abdul Aziz is currently recuperating from his injuries.

From June to February 2018, Abdul Aziz has been living on the streets. We have seen him a few times in this period.

2018 saw Abdul Aziz undergo the biggest transformation we have have ever seen. He changed from loud mouthed and aggressive to composed and mature. He returned home during the rainy season in 2018 and we paid school fees for him in September 2018. He will be sitting the BECCE later in 2019 and he is now very serious about his schooling. His teachers are amazed by the transition in his character. He sadly lost his elder sister in December 2018. As of February 2019, he is still at home.    

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