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Mohamed 1

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Story by: Laughter Africa

Date added: 22 Jun 2017

Mohamed 1 came to the ICC at the beginning of May 2017. We reunified him in June 2017 with his uncle in the village

This is what he wanted to say:

My name is Mohamed and I don’t know how old I am I. I think I am 13. I have lived on the streets for over 5 years. The reason why I am on the streets is because my mother had a sore and everyone said that she was a witch. My mother was unable to bear the pain and she passed away.  I didn't know my father. I came to Freetown after she died. Then I started to live on the streets. On the streets I smoke jamba, cigarettes. On the streets I steal. I spoke jamba as it helps me forget. I like Manchester united. When I finish school, I want to be a footballer.

Since June 2017 until the end of February 2018, Mohamed has stayed home without returning to the streets. There was one issue with his uncle in December 2017 but we sorted it out. We paid school fees for him in September 2017 and he is doing very well at school. We saw him at Christmas 2017 for the Christmas party.

In 2018, Mohamed 1 sat his NPSE in May. As soon as he sat his NPSE, he went onto the streets for a "holiday." He returned to us at the beginning of September 2018. He got the highest mark in the NPSE out of the whole school around 300 points. He doesn't have a Junior Secondary School nearby his village so we paid for him to attend boarding school. The same school as Sylvanus. He has been doing well at the school which he has been attending since September 2018. As of the beginning of February 2019, he is still living at boarding school and not returned to the streets. 

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