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Mohamed 3

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Story by: Laughter Africa

Date added: 22 Jun 2017

Mohamed is 15 years old and he first went onto the street at 5 year old. He first came to the ICC at the beginning of May 2017 and was reunified with his uncle at the beginning of June 2017. His mum is dead and his father has mental health issues. The reason why he went onto the streets is because he stole money from his aunt.

Mohamed 3 stayed home until October 2017, until he sadly went back on the street. We did pay school for him in September 2017. Between October and February 2018 he has been living on the streets although he does come to mobile most days. 

Throughout 2018, Mohamed 3 oscillated between living with his grandmother and living on the streets. The FTR team did try to arrange an apprenticeship for Mohamed but he was never home enough for us to make the final arrangements. He just isn't serious yet. When Mohamed 3 is on the streets, he does attend mobile so we still come into contact with him quite often. As of February 2019, Mohamed 3 is still living on the street. He will no doubt keep oscillating between home and the streets throughout 2019 though.     

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