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Dan Crompton

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Story by: Dan Crompton

Date added: 27 Jan 2016

Hi. My name is Dan Crompton and I ran in the Liverpool half marathon in March 2015 to raise money for Laughter Africa. I first intended to run the half marathon to get back in to shape but when I discovered Laughter Africa, I had a new reason to run.

The reason I chose to run the half marathon for Laughter Africa is that I believe that they have a strong, clear message in what they aim to achieve and who they try to help. To help street children must be a difficult task, but one that will offer a huge impact to the children's lives. I am glad in the knowledge that there is an organisation like Laughter Africa who are there to represent and care for children who would have otherwise not had a means to do so. 

Dan ran the Wigan half marathon again in March 2017. Rather than getting sponsorship, Dan's friends and family placed bets on his time. The winner received a bottle of champagne. 

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