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Kate Fearon

Laughter Africa Online Book

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Story by: Kate Fearon

Date added: 27 Jan 2016

Hi. My name is Kate Fearon and I raised money for Laughter Africa during my wedding day on 24th October 2015. Rather than ask for presents, my husband David and myself decided to ask guests to give donations to Laughter Africa or a local hospice instead.

I had the privilege of attending Durham University with James Tyrrell, founder of Laughter Africa. I have never before in my life met anyone with so much passion and drive, and I know that every penny donated to this cause will be put to good use. James has dedicated himself entirely to his work in Africa with street children, and even with the limited resources available to him he has been able to make a huge difference. James is an enormously loving, selfless, compassionate person, and I have every confidence that through Laughter Africa he will achieve his ambitions.

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