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EDDIE ASKEW OBE (1927-2007)


The paintings in this book are a tribute to artist and writer Eddie Askew who served The Leprosy Mission faithfully for 37 years – making giant strides in the care available to leprosy-affected people and the sheer numbers the Mission was able to support.

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Eddie and his wife Barbara joined The Leprosy Mission in 1950.  A month after they were married, they sailed for India and travelled to Purulia Leprosy Home and Hospital.  The Askew's remit was to transform Purulia into a centre of excellence and in 1952 Eddie was asked to take over as Superintendent, a job he did for 13 years.  They learned to speak Bengali and taught in the Purulia school for children with leprosy.

In 1965 Eddie, Barbara and their two daughters left Purulia to return to England when Eddie was offered a position at The Leprosy Mission International’s office in London, and in 1974 Eddie became The Leprosy Mission’s International General Secretary.

Eddie and Barbara’s legacy continues today through their daughters and the work of The Leprosy Mission at Purulia Hospital.

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