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Mrs Sylvia King

Paignton Zoo Book of Remembrance

Of Paignton

18 Dec 1925 - 19 Aug 2014

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Remembered by: Alan King

Date added: 10 Nov 2014

Sylvia was born in Hele Village Torquay in 1925, along with a sister and brother. In the War years she worked as a "clippey" conductoress on Devon general buses.Her father being a bus driver.

After the war she worked in Swifts on the strand and while there met and married Tony, they shared a great interest in conservation and wildlife long before the envoirnmental movement came into being. During the 1960's and 70's Sylvia was a regular visitor to the Zoo, and along with Tony joined the Peacock association which was a forerunner of PAWS in later years. They attended as many events as their work would allow.

After retiring in 1986 Sylvia and Tony were able to involve themselves even more with their beloved Zoo, joing PAWS and becoming Volunteers eventually serving on the committee for several years. A full range of duties were performed sometimes being in the Zoo for 3 full days a week, staff joked that she was their longer than some paid part timers!

In later years she focused more on fund raising, manning the animal cracker hut became her pride and joy.

After Tony passed away in 2007 Syvia was determined to carry on the good work which I was  happy to assist with as I also share Mum & Dad's views on conservation and the envoirnment. Initally fund raising and then meet and greet duties was Sylvia's volunteer activities. This she kept up until the end, her final illness starting on the day she was next on duty, some dedication for an 88 year old.

As well as the Zoo Sylvia was for several years involved with the Townwomens Guild and serving on their branch committee became heavily involved with the social activities.

Her horizon's were broadend in the last few years when I offered to take her on a P&O cruise to the Baltic, previously Mum & Dad holiday's had been limited to Cornwall and London!! so a big change. Although concerned as to if it was the right decision after the first cruise she was well and truely hooked and we clocked up 8 in all the last one being as recently as May 2014 to Pisa.

All through her life she held true to her views on conservation and wildlife and never waivered from her support for conservation causes. a remarkable lady my dear Mum.

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