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Phill joined Sainsbury's in May 2005 as their Head of Corporate Security on his retirement as a commander at New Scotland Yard. He spent thirty-three years with the Metropolitan Police, holding a substantial number of different posts in that time. These included running the Territorial Support Group - London's riot squad - operations chief of several busy police boroughs, chief superintendent of two more boroughs, chief of staff for the then commissioner, Sir Paul (now Lord) Condon, commander of all Boroughs North of the Thames and Heathrow Airport, director of the Quality, Performance and Review Directorate and temporary deputy assistant commissioner for the Directorate of Professional Standards. He was awarded the Queens Police Medal for Distinguished Service in the 2005 New Years Honours.

He chaired a range of groups including the Channel Tunnel Rail Link Steering Committee and was a national member of the chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) cadre of senior police officers.

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As the head of corporate security within Sainsbury’s for nearly ten years he was responsible for creating and implementing the Sainsbury’s security strategy focussing on the protection of people, reputation and profits. During this time, he maintained close links with police and other law enforcement bodies and was an active member of numerous counter-crime boards. During this period, he chaired the Food and Drink Security Association for several years. In March 2015 he launched a third career with his own security consultancy company.

He had a first degree in psychology and a master’s degree in criminology from Cambridge University where he was awarded the Victor Lissack prize.

He was made a Freeman of the City of London in 2007 and appointed to the livery in 2008. Within the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals, he chaired the Marketing and Fundraising Committee for several years before being elected as junior warden in 2015, and progressing to Master of The Company 2018/19. He has been an active trustee director of the Fraud Advisory Panel charity for many years.

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