How we help those who have recently served

SAC(T) Paul Case served in the RAF for 12 years. He started as an Airframe Technician, then underwent additional training to become an Aircraft Technician - Mechanical.

Paul was deployed as part of the Merlin Forward Support Unit to Camp Bastion. It was while working on a tail staging, inspecting the rotor blades of a Merlin helicopter, that Paul slipped and fell 15ft headfirst onto the hangar floor.

He was knocked unconscious, fractured his skull in four places, damaged the left frontal lobe of his brain, broke his left shoulder blade and right wrist and tore the cartilage in the same wrist.

Paul was referred to the RAF Personnel Recovery Unit (PRU) at Air Command, RAF High Wycombe. PRU provides support to those individuals who have been wounded, injured or are long-term sick, causing them to be made 'medically non-effective' for six months or more.Through the PRU Paul undertook a short work placement at the Classic Air Force Museum in Cornwall. He impressed his boss at the museum so much that he was offered a part-time freelance contract as an aircraft engineer.

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photo credit to Peter Reoch

While Paul was thrilled with this offer, it did mean that he would have to find the hundreds of pounds necessary to pay for a toolkit. The RAF Association stepped in to help Paul obtain enough funding to buy a full set of tools that would enable him to do his job.

Paul said:"This money has made a huge difference to me. It wasn't thousands of pounds, but it was just what I needed to be able to do the job I love."

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