Storybook Wings

Storybook Wings has been providing a vital link between serving RAF personnel working away from home and their children since 2008. It enables parents to record bedtime stories, along with personal messages, for their children to listen to while they are away, helping to ease the anxiety caused by separation.

The Association provides recording equipment to parents for them to record their chosen stories. Once edited, a soundtrack is added to give each story a really special feel. The completed CD is then sent to the children in a personalised cover, and is ready for them to listen to whenever they like.

The Berrisford family has seen the benefit of the scheme. Cpl Tom Berrisford is a fire-fighter in the RAF and has served for 12 years. Before Tom was deployed to the Falklands for four months he recorded a story for Harry who was eight at the time, Hollie (six) and George (four).

His wife Laura said: “We didn't tell the children that they had a story, but that there was a surprise coming in the post. After school one day they opened it up and their dad read them a story. They absolutely loved it, it bought a tear to my eye to see their faces!”

Watch the video opposite to see how Storybook Wings has helped another RAF family.

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