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Mr & Mrs Kenneth & Margaret Jackson

the RAF Benevolent Fund
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Remembered by: Elaine Hipgrave

Date added: 30 Dec 2011

Ken was born In Mirfield – West Yorkshire 7/5/1921
Enlisted in RAF when war broke out and met his wife Margaret in Algiers. We understand they met when he was court-marshalled for drinking and asked her out but was told "ask me again when your sober" which he did. They married in 1946 a year after the war ended and settled in Hazlemere where they brought up their 8 children.

We all grew up to be hardworking and level headed adults due to the example he set us.

Margaretwas born in Manar, Inverurie Scotland 20/01/1923.

Nothing was ever too hard or difficult for our Mum she would always make sure we had clean clothes & food on the table even if this meant her carrying out several jobs to earn the money.

They had 8 Children: - Mick, Maureen, Christine, Pete, Val, Les, Gordon & Elaine

18 Grandchildren: - Emma, Garry, Kevin, Shaun, Michaela, Leighton, Clinton, Kelly, James, Kim Lee, Lisle, Lauren Oliver, Daisy, Victoria, George & Elizabeth

12 Great Grandchildren: - Oscar, Owen, Ellie, Bobby, Bailey, Amber, Cheyenne, Rhys, Lyla, Dillon, Rory, Hayden

Sadly Mum passed away on the 20th August 2011 and Dad soon after on the 12th October 2011

They are both sadly missed,alway's in our thoughts and never to be forgotten we trust they are "together" once again.

Donations to the total of £409.05 were sent in memory of our loving parents.
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