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Message and Memories

  • Many fond memories of Uncle Elvet - a kind,knowledgeable and respected great uncle.

    Date message left: 31 Jul 2011

    By: Crayson Williams

  • Cofion annwyl am Elvet, brawd a ffrind hoffus iawn Wrth Eva

    Date message left: 28 Jul 2011

    By: Karen Jones

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A tribute to Mr Elvet Morris by Athina Kokkinou

Date added: 17 Jul 2011


Athina Kokkinou

the RAF Benevolent Fund
Dear Friends/Family, I have recently set up a page in the RAF Benevolent Fund Memorial Book and wanted to share it with you. Through this page we can share memories, photographs and videos of $personFirstName$ as well as raise money for the RAF Benevolent Fund. To view page and add your memories, just click on the following link: $findPersonLink$ Thanks!

Sorry for your loss. I am looking for a Roger Morris and younger sister who are the children of a Elvet Morris born in Gorslas. Roger would now be about 66 years old. Have I got the right family?

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