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  • In Dave & Jens memories, always remembered with love.

    Date message left: 13 Jan 2011

    By: Jenny Arthur

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A tribute to Sgt Robert Michael O'Connor by Corinne Knight

Date added: 4 Nov 2010


Corinne Knight

the RAF Benevolent Fund
Dear Friends/Family, I have recently set up a page in the RAF Benevolent Fund Memorial Book and wanted to share it with you. Through this page we can share memories, photographs and videos of $personFirstName$ as well as raise money for the RAF Benevolent Fund. To view page and add your memories, just click on the following link: $findPersonLink$ Thanks!

You were my best friend, the other half of me, my life. Everything centred around you and now you are gone. You can’t be hurt anymore, no more waiting to go back to war, no more waiting to come home. You will live on forever as you were - with that wonderful smile. You loved your work and never wanted to do anything else, and I’m so proud of your strength and commitment. The RAF was your life, your friends and colleagues meant a lot to you and you would always put them first. Through the RAF you went scuba diving, attained your gliders licence and went free fall parachuting although you only told me about the last after you’d done it. You loved fast bikes and cars and made sure you enjoyed them to the full. In fact you lived your life to the full. You gave so much of yourself to others. Thirteen years Instructing hundreds of youngsters ten pin bowling. Travelling all over Britain in Tournaments with them. Listening to their problems - enjoying their successes. You cared about them and they loved and respected you. But you were happiest at home on our narrow boat ‘Nutcracker’. Resting and gaining strength from the calm and peaceful life we shared together, with our friends and family. Content in the knowledge you were the centre of our lives, nothing was too much trouble where our boys were concerned and you cared lovingly for us all. After you left us all our friends at the marina created a garden in your memory. You never knew just how much you meant to us all.

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