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Mr Thomas Bartlett

the RAF Benevolent Fund
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Remembered by: Vivian Bartlett

Date added: 28 Feb 2010

Thomas Girling Bartlett was a quiet, private man, with a gentle, simple humour, that amused many, but never hurt a soul.

In 1939, as an eighteen year old, Tom assisted in billeting evacuees from London East End - a sad memory of walking in pouring rain with a group of tired, frightened children!

He was commissioned in the RAF as a bomber pilot and in 1942 he married Grace at Christchurch, Reading.They returned to Tom's station in the late afternoon of their wedding to discover that he had a briefing for a night flight - so - his wedding night was spent in a Wellington over the Ruhr Valley, while his new wife was counting the return of planes back to the aerodrome at dawn.

Tom was posted to various RAF stations and Grace moved to different schools as a teacher when more teachers joined the forces.

Eventually, at the end of his second tour, he was shot down over the Netherlands and the French Resistance rescued him and got him back to the UK. He was then sent to the Middle East and eventually to Thika, East Africa.Posted to Kisumu on Lake Victoria, Tom, now acting CO, supervising Italian POWs.He was moved to Eastleigh, Nairobi, where he took local release and in June 1947 their son was born.
On release, Tom worked as an accountant with Nairobi Municipal Council.He then returned to the UK and became a shopkeeper, but the call was too strong. In 1959, he went to Uganda as Assisant Town Treasurer of Jinja.

His main interests were:
The Royal Airforce Benevolent Fund
The Royal Overseas League
Past Master of the Ripon Falls Masonic Lodge now reestablished in UK as the New Ripon Falls Masonic Lodge
The Bromley and Kent Masonic Lodge
The New Masonic Samaritan Fund
The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
Fellow of the Institute on Company Accountants Association of International Accountants
Company Accountant

For this security, we remember him with sincere thanks and love. Only now are we aware of the generous support he gave to many people and organisations world wide.
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