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Foreword Continued

The Golden Book 1914-1918
This contains the names of the 743 Officers and 6130 other ranks who died in the service of their country during the Great War. The whole book is linked together by the parable of the prodigal son as recounted by St Luke fondly regarded asthe Patron of the medial profession. A portrait of Aesculapius, the Father of Medicine appears opposite the preface.

The Second Book of Remembrance 1939-1945
The second book records the names of 2463 all ranks that died in the service of their country during the Second World War.

The Third Book of Remembrance (current)
This mirrors the previous two books in style but not in compilation. It records the names of those who have died in an operational theatre since the end of WW2. They are arranged on monthly pages and by date of death. This book was commissioned in the Centenary Year and approved in Corps Week 1998 and dedicated by the Dean and Chapter Westminster Abbey.

To ensure as wide an audience as possible and to enable those who for whatever reason can no longer travel, you will be able to view these important books on-line in the same format that they appear on the originals in Westminster Abbey. This is a really important development which I commend to you.

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Ceremony of Turning the Pages

For those of you who can visit, you may wish to be aware of the Ceremony of Turning the Pages at Westminster Abbey.

Ceremony of Turning the Pages

The ceremony originated in Nov 1929. It is still held monthly with full ceremonies five times a year, as advertised in the Blue Book. It is carried out by Unit members from all over the country, both Regular and Reserve who form the Ceremonial Party under the direction of the Regimental Secretary and the Corps Regimental Sergeant Major.

This on-line site is an important addition in our remembrance of those who have made the greatest sacrifice. In the words of Anthony Devanny:

“We are indeed the lucky and unlucky ones,

As we are the ones who have lived to tell the tales of those we once knew

We are the ones who carry those scars of things seen, done and lost We are the ones who must never let those who are not here be forgotten by the new

We are the ones who will never need to be reminded that "We will Remember Them"

As We are the ones who will always remember those we forever call friend.”

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