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Cliff Fishing, Ron Jesty (1926 - 2016)</strong>

Cliff Fishing, Ron Jesty (1926 - 2016)

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The paintings in this book are a tribute to Ronald Jesty (Ron Jesty, as we knew him), who supported us with a gift in his Will.  Ron was also one of our regular calendar artists.  The calendar showcases the talents of visually impaired artists and is sent to all our supporters who have told us that they have included a gift to RNIB in their Will.

Ron told us why he had chosen to support us in this way.

"I developed a problem in the back of my left eye in 1980, which left me with only full sight in my right eye.  I had a successful business as a graphic designer and after my sight loss I decided to sell it and continue as a freelancer and work more as a general watercolour painter.  I had lost the sense of three-dimensional viewing so my work developed more into thinking of patterns rather than trying to be realistic.  I felt RNIB was a useful charity to support.  The fact that I had lost sight in one eye and began to lose sight in the other made me aware of how difficult it was and could become."

Ron Jesty sadly passed away in 2016.  We will be forever grateful for his support.

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