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WO2 Michael Whelan

The Corps of Royal Engineers

Known as Mick

Service No: 24226606

Unit: Royal Engineers 11

4 Dec 1955 - 21 Feb 2012

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Remembered by: Jonathan Whelan

Date added: 25 Mar 2012

24226606 Michael had two passions: the Army and making people laugh.
He left school at the first opportunity to join the Army, as a Junior Leader. His arm career spanned almost 24 years the Corps of Royal Engineers; he was enlisted in 1971 and discharged in 1995. He worked his way up through the ranks to WO2, gaining the respect and trust of those with whom and for whom he worked. He was proud to serve his country.

Michael had postings to:
• Great Britain
• Germany
• Northern Ireland
• Hong Kong
• Portugal
• Turkey
• Denmark
• Norway
• Canada
• Kenya
• Falkland Islands
He was also decorated with the General Service Medal for service in Northern Ireland.

Michael’s military conduct was summarised as ‘Exemplary’ and his Army Testimonial read: ‘W02 Whelan is a competent, reliable and very honest individual who is both diligent and confident. He is an affable and respectful man who is always of good cheer. He is an excellent worker and time-keeper whose appearance and bearing are of the highest order.’

After leaving the army Michael spent most of his life in Chelsea. He supported Chelsea FC and he shared a healthy rivalry with his Arsenal-supporting brother.

Even when Michael was battling ill-health he kept a smile on his face and put a smile on the face of others.

You leave behind many smiles Michael.

Rest in peace.
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