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Always mindful of community needs, Sam also served as a member and chair of several boards including the Uganda Heart Institute, the Centre for African Family Studies, Mulago Hospital Complex, Mukono Theological College, Hospice Africa Uganda, and the Audit Committee of PACE (Programme for Accessible Health, Communication and Education) in Uganda.

Sam wanted to see "the incredible passion in Rotary translated into a difference in people’s lives." During his tenure as President, he was hoping to "harness the Rotary enthusiasm and pride so that every project becomes the engine of peace and prosperity.” He had embarked on a campaign of increasing Rotary’s membership through the recruitment of more women, youth and community members. "There are many places which need Rotary and numerous potential members who have never been invited," he said. "The problem is Rotarians who got in and closed the door."

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Sam and Norah Owori

Sam is survived by his dear wife Norah, three sons, siblings and grand-children.

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