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Duke of Wellington’s Waterloo Medal

Schools Waterloo 200

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Dear Family and Friends, As a way remembering those that fought at Waterloo in June 1815 from their Artefacts like this $personFirstName$ from that time, our school has created a page within the $bookTitle$. Please contribute by adding your thoughts, messages, photographs and videos about this period artefact. Add your insight or expertise to help build and lock-in our knowledge about this artefact, simply go to: $findPersonLink$ and make your contribution too. Thank you,
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About this Artefact by: Waterloo 200 Coordinator

Date added: 13 Mar 2015

The Waterloo medal was the first medal issued to all British soldier present at this battle and the actions at Quatre Bras and Ligny two days before. In contrast to earlier medals – like Wellington’s Peninsula Cross in gold, visible below – the Waterloo Medal was the same for the most junior private soldier as for the British Commander-in-Chief. This tradition of campaign medals continues in the British Army to this day.

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