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Captain James John Fraser

Schools Waterloo 200

7th Regiment of Light Dragoons (Queen's Own Hussars)


1 Jan 1789 - 5 Jun 1834

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Waterloo Soldier by: Sherborne Girls

Date added: 12 Jun 2015

Captain James John Fraser was born in 1789 to Sir William and Lady Fraser, as a second son; he gained his title after the death of his elder brother in 1827.

He served on the 7th Hussars during the Peninsula campaign in Spain 1813-1814. He rose to the rank of captain on the 17th June 1813, since he won great distinction during this campaign. Indeed Sir Richard Hussey Vivian wrote a letter about his bravery in 1814. He spoke about the distinction Captain James John Fraser gained from immediately volunteering to be in a group of six men to show the army away across the ford under heavy enemy fire.

During the Waterloo campaign he served on Wellington’s staff and for the Battle itself he was with the 7th Hussars. They were not engaged in combat until 5pm as they were on the farright of the allied line but then they were used to charge no more than twelve times. In 24 hours the 7th lost 75 men and 109 were wounded.

Captain James John Fraser survived the battle. He retired in 1830 and died aged 45 on the 5th June 1834 in Dorsetshire after a short illness, leaving behind a widow and three sons.

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