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Lieutenant Colonel Sir William Maynard Gomm Order of the Bath;

Schools Waterloo 200


General and Staff Officers: Assistant Quartermaster General

10 Nov 1784 - 15 Mar 1875

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Waterloo Soldier by: Notre Dame R. C. Girls School

Date added: 20 May 2015

Sir William Maynard Gomm was Quartermaster-General of Picton's division at Quatre Bras and Waterloo in 1815.

He was born on 17th November 1784 in Barbados at his grand-father’s plantation. He was the eldest son of Lieutenant-Colonel William Gomm, and his mother was Mary Alleyne who was the daughter of Joseph Maynard of Barbados.

William Maynard Gomm had a very long military career – 80 years! At a very young age he followed his father’s footsteps into the army. He was promoted to lieutenant in 1794 before he was even 10 years old; this was due to his father’s services in the war. He went to military school in Woolwich and it wasn’t long before he saw action. He took part in two pitched battles before he was even 14 years old. He traveled to many countries as a soldier including Jamaica, Portugal, Denmark. Ireland, Russia, and France. 

He inherited the estate of Rotherhithe in 1822. He and his second wife, Lady ELizabteth were very generous and gave money to local charities and schools. Emily Blanche Carr-Gomm (niece of Lady Elizabeth) inherited the Rotherhithe estate after the death of Lady Elizabeth in 1877.  There is a memorial to his niece at St Mary’s church Rotherhithe due to her providing money to preserve the tower there.

He died on 15th March 1875 at the age of 91.He is buried in Nunhead cemetery.

Written by Chanze-Leslee and Magdalena

Bibilogaprhy: TA Heathcote Dictionary of Field Marshals of the British Army, 1736-1997 (Pen and Sword Books Ltd, Barnsley, 1999)

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