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A tribute to Lieutenant John Clement Wallington by Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School and Language College

Date added: 17 Jun 2015


Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School and Language College

Schools Waterloo 200
Dear Family and Friends, As a way remembering those that fought at Waterloo in June 1815 including $personFirstName$, our school has created a page within the $bookTitle$. Please contribute by adding your thoughts, messages, photographs or even videos about this soldier. Add your insight or expertise to help build and lock-in our knowledge about this person, simply go to: $findPersonLink$. and make your contribution too. Thank you,

By Joseph Davies 7A

John Clement Wallington was born in Ealing , Middlesex on July 25th 1790. He was commissioned as a Cornet On the 21st of October 1816 into the 12th Dragoons before exchanging into the 10 Hussars on the 12th of November 1814, where he then became a lieutenant within the same month. At Waterloo he was posted on the Duke of Wellington's left flank. After Waterloo the regiment returned to their base in Brighton and were on duty at the coronation of King George IV on July 16 1821. Later John became a close friend to the King. After that he served time in Portugal and India , returning as Lieutenant-Colonel. John had two children with his first wife Anne and from 1817 to 1828 John played first class cricket. Unfortunately John Clement Wallington died on the 12th of August 1875 and was buried at All Saints Church in Leamington. In 2004 his Waterloo medal was sold at auction for £3,600.

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