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Lt. Col. Sir George Henry F Berkeley KCB

Schools Waterloo 200

GENERAL and STAFF OFFICERS - 35th Regiment of Foot

Assistant Deputy Adjutant General

9 Jul 1785 - 25 Sep 1857

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Waterloo Soldier by: Shrewsbury House Prep School

Date added: 24 Apr 2015

Sir George was the eldest son of Admiral the Hon Sir George Cranfield-Berkeley. 

He served in Egypt in 1807

Became a Lt Col of the 35th Regiment Foot 13 June 1811

He served in Peninsula as Assistant Adjutant General from April 1809-April 1814 and was present at crossing of Douro, Talavera, Busaco, Fuentes d'Onoro, Badajoz, Salamanca, Burgos, Villa Muriel, Vitoria, San Sebastian, Bidassoa, Nivelle, Nive and Bayonne.

At the start of the Waterloo Campaign he was the Duke of Wellington's liaison officer at the Prince of Orange's HQ and was wounded during the battle. 

Later he became the Commander in Chief of the Madras Army (1848) and Surveyor General of the Ordnance in 1852.

He was also Colonel of the 35th Regiment of Foot

Later he was the MP for Devonport (1852-1857) 

He married Lucy Sutton in 1815 and they had 3 sons.

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