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Chapter - About the 200 Waterloo Artefacts

The events of 1815 shaped Europe and the world in the years of Empires and global colonisation following the American War of Independence from Britain.

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Adding your Virtual Museum

There are a huge variety of artefacts that have been collected from both the battle of Waterloo and the wider Napoleonic Era’s ranging from 1807 to 1830’s.

A sample of 200 items have been chosen here to help illustrate the difference from today’s culture.

As a school you have been allocated a particular soldier to write about, who has a particular relevance to your area that you are invited to research.
You will need to create a Virtual Museum for that soldier by bringing an assemblage of up to 10 artefacts he would have used, known of, experienced or been associated with.

Explain these connections, the excitements and fears of why men took the King’s Shilling to fight far from where their lived. Risking injury and death in times where soldiers more died from disease than fighting, what encouraged so many to join the British Army in the fight against Napoleon Bonaparte.

Your Virtual Museum then needs to be uploaded to the soldier’s page as a PowerPoint, Word or PDF document to share your work.
This document needs to be less than 10MB otherwise it is yours to design and populate in your own style.

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