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Part 1 - About the soldier


You must first Login  using the email address and password you were supplied, please ask your teacher for this.

Find your allocated soldier using the Search or the alphabetical Listing.
Click on his name until you are prompted for his unique Access code supplied to your teacher.
A Celebration page needs to be created about this soldier, so your text and images should be added to the right hand page. All comments will be attributed to the School.

Click the blue box 'Save & Next Step' to set up Privacy and Notifications.

Page Privacy - Leave as the default 'Open' so that all users can view and contribute to your page.
Notifications - tick both boxes so that you receive notifications.
Reminders - must be left blank
Page Contributors - please do not use the 'Send this page to a friend' to share the page until after the 18th of June.

Having done this, students can Register to create their own account and add, further messages and comments about that soldier under their own name.

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Part 2 - Virtual Museum


Students are asked to create a Virtual Museum for your adopted soldier by selecting from relevant items that he would have used from the 200 items that appear in the eBook and on the Waterloo 200 website.

Use ten of these artefacts to create a unique collage as a PDF, PowerPoint or Word document using your own styling which you also upload to your soldier’s page in the eBook.
Save your selected images then use them to create your Virtual Museum with suitable text explaining their relevance.  

There are in-book instructions to assist you with the two exercises, and this FAQ page
However, if you still have a problem please email and we will be able to help you.

The eBook is the place we want you to store the work your school does, and the date we would like you to have completed the exercise is June 18th 2015.

On June 18th, the actual date of the battle, we will share the eBook with all of you and the public via the Waterloo200 website.
The book itself will continue over the next five years as we scale this programme up.

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